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South Bend, IN—Indie artist Knowledgeborn07 releases his single ’27 miles’. The single is a culmination of his experience with heartbreak, lost love, and the typical trials and tribulations of life as are with most of his songs. Knowledgeborn07 has been able to create powerful lyrics that represent positivity, equality, and inspiration. Along this spiritual path that he continues to follow, he has been fortunate enough to meet great people. “This track came about during a time of hardships and an overall struggle of self.” Knowledgeborn07 explains, “I was at home one night strumming these chords really reflecting on my past. 27 miles signifies my 27 years of life.” The rapper describes the foundation of the single further stating, “The basis of the song is just me dealing with myself as a being of the human family who need to not worry about the struggles of these physical forms because I know that there is truth and that truth exists on a plane that physical eye[s] cannot see. The truth that I speak of is that every living thing on this earth is one and has a purpose and without love we will self-destruct.” The track, originally released in 2010 on his album titled ‘Cosmic Knowledge’, features notable appearances by Popa Wu (Senior Member of the Wu-Tang Clan), Prince Po (a member of the classic hip-hop group Organized Konfusion), P Tugz, Ras Zackary, Ras Attitude, Zack Walters (of the Long Beach based band 3rd Alley), and of course the Fluid Minds Crew (Johnny Cosmic, Frank Clayton, Christian Rogala, & GooZe). Johnny Cosmic takes the reigns as producer and engineer for the album, which was released on Fluid Minds' independent label, Mother Brain Productions. About the Artist Knowledgeborn07 Knowledgeborn07 has come a long way to become the artist known today. His earlier music influences include a long list of great musicians which range from Beethoven, Amise Williams, Brandon Baushke, Bob Marley and the Wailers, Vocal Teacher Evie Barton , Pink Floyd, The Doors & Led Zeppelin to the Beastie Boys, X-clan, Run DMC, Ice Cube, Slick RicK, Dr. Dog, Joshua Fischel, Jesus Wore Dickies, BJORK ....BJORK....and BJORK....., Tupac, Mos Def and The Wu-Tang Clan. At an early age he was heavily influenced by the Hip Hop culture and remembers listening to groups like Public Enemy, X-Clan, Run DMC, Beastie Boys, to name a few.