Cosmic Knowledge


Hailing from South Bend, IN, Knowledgeborn07 has come a long way to become the artist you hear today. His early music influences include Beethoven, Mozart, Bob Marley and the Wailers, Sublime, Steve Miller Band, Pink Floyd, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Doors & Led Zeppelin… all the way to Beastie Boys, X-clan, Run DMC, Ice Cube, Slick RicK, Too $hort, Tupac, Mos Def & The Wu-Tang Clan.

Through early heartbreaks, lost loved ones, and the typical trials and tribulations of life, Knowledgeborn07 has been able to create powerful lyrics that represent positivity, equality, and inspiration. Along this spiritual path that he continues to follow, he has been fortunate enough to meet great people. Here's a list of musicians/bands that he has collaborated with along with some shout outs for all of the support throughout the years: Geno Bigsbee (one of KB07's best friends), Amie Catanzarite, Otis Wigfall, Roberto Gonzalez, Dan Allen, William Coleman, Angela Klockie, B.N.K. crew, Chester a.k.a "Low C," DJ Strictnine (Grand Royal), Aaron Kaser, DJ Eric Street, Mogwai (Austrailia), General Smiley of Papa Michigan and Smiley(studio one), Part One Tribe, Ras Mathew, Matt Rodriguez, Lorna Bennett, Chapter 11, International Farmers (which included Josh of Bargain Music), Mike "Chefdog" Scheftner (of the now defunct band, Filibuster), PailBoy(KGB/Dream Works), the Inity Tribe,the little house fam, the nuner family, Brandon Baushke and family(ways to be worse), kovatch, William "Bang" Jones(the 86), Dj Doze(Jesus Wore Dickies, Slightly Stoopid), Andrew Roth(S1V5/JWD), DoN Masnada(Italy), Falling Down(Wu-Tang Affiliate Producer and Producer of DoN's Album) Dustin Gustus, Eric Moore (Roots Of Kreation), Cosmic Haze, Jah Works the revolutionary (Lion Camp), Chris Penn (Cut Productions), Jared Taylor (Boss Dj), Negundo (Last Survivor Records), Frank & the Skunk Allstars (Long Beach Records), Notebook Noise, along with the whole Mother Brain family.

As for his 2010 release, Cosmic Knowledge, several notable appearances on the album include: Popa Wu (Senior Member of the Wu-Tang Clan), Prince Po (a member of the classic hip-hop group Organized Konfusion), P Tugz, Ras Zackary, Ras Attitude, Zack Walters (of the Long Beach based band 3rd Alley), and of course the Fluid Minds crew (Johnny Cosmic, Frank Clayton, Christian Rogala, & GooZe). Johnny Cosmic took the reigns as producer and engineer for the album, which is to be released on Fluid Minds' independent label, Mother Brain Productions.
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The Meaning Of It All


The focus of this album is Love.

Half way through the recording process I had some close losses in my family. I became very uninspired and just about gave up on putting anything out ever again.

With the support and enthusiasm of my great friend John Gray [who Produced this album] I was inspired in time of despair to keep going and push through to the light in the darkness.

And after the emotional pain storm I can say I'm glad we are putting this out and what perfect timing----Valentines Day! The Day of Love----or was it a Massacre? hmmm Either way, they go hand in hand at times.

Please listen with an open mind.....This album is laid back and very chilled and we hope you can do just that when you listen to it. The main thing I got out of this whole project is that no matter the struggle you should always keep those loved ones close. Be there for them in their times of pain or doubt. And know tomorrow is never promised.

This album is Dedicated to my Uncles who are now in Paradise . Rest in Peace Richard "Dick" M. Gnoth March 2, 1951 - Aug. 8, 2012 and Robert "Bobby" A. Gnoth Dec. 25, 1958 - Oct. 28, 2012.
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Dub Knowledge


(Johnny Cosmic)

KB07 and I have always been huge fans of reggae music and all the off shoot styles. That's what really brought us together and has been the glue bonding all of the different styles we bring to the table. The common thread is always a love for reggae.

Normally, you won't hear it out right in the music. It's always subtle hue. We love so many different sounds and styles that there's not enough time or space to dwell on one sound for too long.

What this dub remix album did was allow us to step back as artists and experience the music more as fans. Getting a chance to bring GooZe, Tommy Dubs, Doctor Echo and Frank (FCP) aboard and really dig into the reggae side of things. This process has been extremely exciting and we hope you enjoy the island twist.
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